Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Welcome to B7 - 2017.

Week Eight:

Dates for the diary this week:

* Tuesday 20th March:  B7 and B8 bike action. Please bring in your bike today if possible. We will be learning some skills to keep us safe as well as improving our confidence.
* Tuesday 20th March: Today is also our allocated lunch swim time so please bring in your togs if you are keen for a dip.


A big thank you to those who have made a real effort to improve your times table knowledge. Keep at it; we will soon be working on multiplication, division and fractions which anyone will struggle at without a strong times table recall.

Please remember there is no 'official' homework. At the moment we are making sure that we are focused on learning all our times tables with a quick recall of facts. Please make 2017 the year for learning these and see your Maths standard and confidence improve.

For writing this week we are are continuing creating a guide for tourists or for people considering moving to the Hibiscus Coast. We are finishing off handwriting in our books this week and will be publishing our work on our chrome books when finished. Through the week we will be covering punctuation from full stops and capital letters to commas and the use of the semi colon.

Our spelling lists will be focused on this week. The words we spell correctly will be highlighted. These lists will be coming home for extra revision time.

In maths we have been focusing our warm up on basic facts. Please keep on practicing your times tables (those that have are already finding maths easier). This week we are back on strategy knowledge, mastering 'Place Value Partitioning' and 'Rounding and Compensating' for adding and subtracting. The Kiteboarder group will be looking at decimals this week.

In art we are looking at 'Hundertwasser' using pastels. I can't wait to decorate our classroom with these bright, interesting and imaginative styles.

Passion Friday continues this week. Please do not be alarmed if you have not yet received your requested activities. Everyone will get a turn, we just need to be patient and wait for the next draw of activities.

We are also focusing on drama, dance and singing learning a polynesian dance as well as the words and moves to 'Your Welcome' off the Moana soundtrack. It is amazing to see how quickly B7 learns dance moves!!!

Our school focus this term is Whanaungatanga which is all about connectedness and relationships.

-Being part of a community which promotes a sense of belonging and contribution
-Building lasting relationships
-Making choices that enable us to build a learning community
-What makes our school and community unique
-What makes our school and community great

It is really hot in B7 at the moment!
Please remember to bring a water bottle into school to maintain good health and concentration, (but remember to keep water and food away from your device when transporting).

Nice one,

Mr T


  1. Hello Mr T Hope your first few weeks at our school has been Cool hope you are settling in hewre hope your new class is Awsome.
    Jack Phillips M4


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