Saturday, May 27, 2017

Welcome to B7 - Term 2 2017.

Week Five:

Dates for the diary this week:

* Class photos will be taking place Monday and Tuesday. 
* QUEST: New times this term. Every Tuesday and Wednesday 11am - 11.45am.
* Passion Fridays: All session times are up in the classroom.

For extra warmth, plain polypropylene or woollen thermal undergarments in plain navy blue, black or white may be worn.
Black or blue tights (not leggings) may be worn with dresses and cullottes in winter.
Non School Jackets can be worn to and from school only.
Only plain black shoes, plain black trainers with plain black laces, or, plain black sandals with heel straps, are permitted. High heel shoes and shoes above ankle height are not permitted. Shoes must be worn to and from the school grounds and on school trips. Socks are to be plain black, plain navy blue or plain white. See requirements below.
Any shoe with a white or any colour other than black rim is not acceptable. The shoe must be plain black as you look at it from the front, back and side.


A big thank you to those who have made a real effort to improve your times table knowledge. Keep at it; we have started working on multiplication, division and fractions which anyone will struggle at without a strong times table recall.

We have all completed and marked our spelling lists which we are working on at present. Please practice these at home if you feel you need extra time to tackle them. Ask Mr T for a copy of your spelling list to take home.

For writing this week we are finishing off  descriptive writing for the term. This week we are creating a short descriptive piece that showcases everything we have learned from the end of last term and this term, including:

-Descriptive writing using 'show not tell' (adding more detail as well as more interesting adverbs and adjectives)
-Dialogue writing (using correct punctuation and layout as well as dressing up our dialogue with detail and description about the characters)
-Figurative language (adding similes and metaphors)

In maths we have been putting our addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills to the test learning about perimeter and area. We are now looking at volume and capacity which links in well with our chemical change inquiry.

Come and have a look inside our classroom. We have finished our 'Hundertwasser' inspired pastel art. Our bright, interesting and imaginative styles are on display and looking so good! This term we will be working with paint and dye, producing some more exciting designs. Watch this space for more information.

Passion Friday activity lists are up in the classroom. Please do not be alarmed if you have not received your requested activities. Everyone will get a turn, we just need to be patient and wait for the next draw of activities.

We have a large focus on fitness and Physical Education. Please let Mr T know (a note or email will do) if you are unwell or physically unable to take part for some reason. We are learning new sports and new sports skills as well as increasing our general fitness. We will be learning how to play netball and hockey this term.

Table tennis and badminton are now offered on Monday and Wednesday lunchtimes in the hall; get into it!

Please remember to bring a water bottle into school to maintain good health and concentration, (but remember to keep water and food away from your device when transporting).

Nice one,

Mr T

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