Saturday, September 16, 2017

Term 3, week 9

Welcome to B7 - Term 3 2017.

Week Nine:

Dates for the diary:

This Friday is a mufti day. To wear mufti you need to bring a can of food to school. This is to support the Salvation Army who are trying to help families in our community who do not have enough money for food.

* Year 6 speech winners, the top 2 in B7 will go against the top 2 in B8 early this week and the finalists (top two in VLC Franks) will go compete against the rest of year 6 on Wednesday. Exciting stuff!!

* QUEST: Every Tuesday and Wednesday 11am - 11.45am.

* Wednesday 13th September is book day; be prepared to be read to from a range of staff!

* B7&8 Bikes and basketball on Thursday after lunch

* B7 Hockey on Tuesday at 11am

* Passion Fridays: All session times are up in the classroom.

*Week 9 Production -  'A cultural festival' - Our VLC has been busy preparing the art to decorate the hall for the production. Making totem poles, Mexican mirrors, Chinese dragons and paper cranes have been keeping us very busy.

Dress rehearsal - Wednesday 27 September

Show - Thursday 28 September, 6.30pm start

* School camp (year 5/6) will on running in term 4 on 6/7 December at Shakespear Regional Park. More details to come.


Get active with you whanau! Get out and practice riding your bike on the road with an adult with you. Practice signalling and safe cycling, show off what you have been learning at school. Remember your bike is the key to your freedom until you learn to drive a car!

A big thank you to those who have made a real effort to improve your times table knowledge. Keep at it; we have started working on multiplication, division and fractions which anyone will struggle at without a strong times table recall. It has been so rewarding to see your maths confidence increase so dramatically.


We are continuing to have a test each Monday then practicing our mistakes through the week, then retesting on Friday. We add to our misspelt words from our writing through the week.

Please have a look at your child's report writing that they finished publishing a last term. We have been working on using paragraphs, commas, semi colons and other punctuation.

This term we are focussing on narrative writing. 

In maths we are delving into fractions, decimals and percentages this week. 

In reading we are developing our inquiry into human movement, looking at migration and refugees.

This term in art we have been producing some art for the school calendar. We have been looking at Kiwi artist Glenn Jones and his Kiwiana artwork (themes from NZ). We are now working with paint and dye, producing 'tapa' cloth designs, which are starting to appear on our classroom walls.

Passion Friday activity lists for term 3 are up in the classroom. Please do not be alarmed if you have not received your requested activities. Everyone will get a turn, we just need to be patient and wait for the next draw of activities.

Our netball and hockey skills have been improving too! It has been fun witnessing the class learning new sports and skills. We have a large focus on fitness and Physical Education. Please let Mr T know (a note or email will do) if you are unwell or physically unable to take part for some reason. 

We have been making the most of our bikes and the bike track over the last two terms. We have been increasing our balance and coordination. We have been practicing everything from manoeuvring at slow speeds to going over obstacles and ramps. Some of us are even pulling up the front wheel and learning how to 'bunny hop!' We are also focussing on road safety and how to correctly indicate at junctions.

Table tennis and badminton are now offered on Monday and Wednesday lunchtimes in the hall; get into it!

Please remember to bring a water bottle into school to maintain good health and concentration, (but remember to keep water and food away from your device when transporting).

Nice one,

Mr T

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