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Term 4, week 4

Welcome to B7 - Term 4 2017.

Week Four:

Please remember to wear black shoes to school each day as well as a bucket hat to protect you from our harsh sun's rays. Apply sunscreen before school.

Dates for the diary:

* Author visit from David Riley on Tuesday November 7th.
*Year 5/6 athletics day is week 5.
* School camp (year 6) will on running this term on 6/7 December at Shakespear Regional Park. More details to come.

* Camp:
Our Year 6 Camp dates have been confirmed as 6th –  8th  of December.

Programme – Year 6 Camp 2017
At home
Organised by pupils themselves
Organised by pupils themselves
Morning Fitness
8.30 – 8.50

Mountain Biking, Walking the beach, Jogging around the hills
Mountain Biking, Walking the beach, Jogging around the hills
  • 9.00 – Arrive at Camp – (Parents to drop off children at Shakespear Reserve Camping Ground
  • Set up Camp – erect tents etc

Morning Tea prior to leaving for the beach

Water –based Activities – commence 10:00am
High Tide = 10:15am  
Activities per day Yachting, Kayaking, Sea Biscuits etc, Fishing from the rocks, Snorkelling, Swimming – Life-saving
9.00 am – Commence Days Programme
  • Games playing, bike riding around camp

Morning Tea prior to leaving for the beach

Water –based Activities – commence 10:00am
High Tide = 11:00pm
Activities per day Yachting, Kayaking, Sea Biscuits etc, Fishing from the rocks, Snorkelling, Swimming – Life-saving
9.00 Take down tents – pack up, leave a couple for changing in during the day.

Morning Tea

Choice of Activities
Competitive Team Games
Tug of War, Frisbee Golf, Cricket, Beach Volleyball, Touch, Art - Sketching
Beach Swim, Skim-boarding on small pools left at low tide
12:30 - 1.15
Packed Lunch from home including drink bottle to be filled and taken on hike
Lunch – 12.30 – 1.15pm
Filled Rolls – Selection of tomato, lettuce, cheese, ham, mayo plus fruit per child. Each child to have their own drink bottle.
Filled Rolls as per Wednesday
Early Lunch at 12.00pm for kitchen pack down
1.30 – 4.30

Hike around Reserve
Up to lookout, past Pink Bay, down through paddocks and waterfall, back via road and photoframe.

Sandcastle Competition 1.30 -2.30pm

Land-based Activities – Art – Sketching, Volleyball, Beach Cricket, Mountain Biking, Soccer – bikes to be brought from home
Afternoon programme  - cleaning up camp – finishing taking down tents
High Tide 12:00pm - Swimming and Skim Boarding

Pack up –go home. Parents to come and assist with pack up, and take children home

Parents pick children up by 2.00pm
Late Afternoon – Early Evening
4.30 – 6.30
Land-based Activities – Volleyball, Beach Cricket, Mountain Biking, Soccer – bikes to be brought from home

Land-based Activities
Art – Sketching, Mountain Biking,Soccer, Volleyball or downtime, tent clean up for inspection
6.30 – 7.30
Family Barbecue
Families to bring own food to the barbecue.
Camp children and Full-Time Parent helpers will be fed sausages/bread/salad/hot chips/fruit
Meat patties, burgers buns salad, hot chips, fruit

Early Evening
7.30 - 8.30
Set Team Games - Volleyball, Soccer, Dodgeball etc...
Set Team Games - Volleyball, Soccer, Dodgeball etc...
8.30 - 9.30
Wide Games – Coastguards and Smugglers, Spotlight
Talent Show – Skits, Singing, Dance etc

D.A.R.E :

This week Year 6 (only) will be starting the D.A.R.E programme which is delivered by Bernie Watt, our local Police Education Officer. It is a valuable programme which covers areas such as making good decisions and choices, resisting peer pressure and looking at equipping the children with life skills to be able to respond to these situations.

This year we will be doing a shorter programme that has been done in previous years. Most of the this is covered in class lessons, however there are some activities sent home for the children to discuss with their families. Please take the time to share these with your child. If you have any questions or concerns in regard to this programme, please see your child’s classroom teacher.

At the end of the sessions we will have an Open Afternoon where parents are invited to come into the classroom and see what the children have learnt. The date for this is Thursday 23rd  November from 2pm.

Keeping ourselves safe: (year 5's)

Over the next few weeks we will be teaching the units ‘Knowing what to do” and “Getting Help” in your child’s class. These units are part of the personal safety programmes of Keeping Ourselves Safe connected to our Health curriculum.

The Keeping Ourselves Safe programme enables children and young people to learn and apply a range of safety skills that they can use when interacting with others. Students recognise the differences between healthy and unhealthy relationships, and those who have been or are being abused are encouraged to seek help.

There are three overall aims:

  • To develop and strengthen children’s skills to keep themselves safe with other people;
  • To support and encourage abused children to get help from caring adults;
  • To make teachers and parents/caregivers more aware of the need to keep children safe from abuse by adults or other children.

Focus area 1: Confident me

Students learn to verbalise their feelings confidently and practise a decision-making process that will help them to make safe decisions concerning their own safety and the safety of others.

Focus area 2: Safe or unsafe

Students identify potentially unsafe situations in both the real world and the digital environments .

Focus area 3: No excuse for abuse

Students understand what abuse is and know that any abuse is wrong, should be reported, and is not their fault. They learn to identify the tricks, bribes, or secrets often used by abusers.

Focus area 4: Why should I tell?

Students learn to stop inappropriate touch or behaviour, say “no” confidently, move away, and report what has happened.

Focus area 5: What have I learnt?

Students show what they have learnt by producing a presentation


Starting this year we will be holding a Year 6 Graduation Dinner and Dance. The aim of this event is to celebrate our Year 6’s time at Whangaparaoa School and give them a special occasion to remember it by. As part of this celebration students will be learning some formal and group dances. The children will receive a buffet style dinner and graduation certificates on the night. As it is a formal occasion, there will be an expected standard of dress which will be semi-formal;
Boys - trousers and button & collared shirt, black shoes (school shoes will be fine), tie optional!
Girls - dress / skirt and appropriate top, evening shoes (ballet flats, sandals or similar)
No dirt-wash jeans, cargo pants, shorts or sports sneakers etc.

The plan for the evening will be;
  • 6.00pm students arrive at the school hall
  • 6.15pm Dinner / Dessert
  • 7.00pm First round of dances
  • 7.30pm Parents arrive / seated
  • 7.30 - 8.15 Formal Dance display
  • 8.15 Certificates / Kevin / Teachers to speak

We anticipate there may be a small charge to supply food for the dinner, but the dance lessons are free and will be taught at school.

Please note: This is NOT a ‘School Ball’, so we do not want people spending unnecessary money on ball gowns, tuxedo’s or limousines!!

What are we up to this term?

The focus for our Inquiry this term is Sustainability. B7 and B8 are looking at sustainable energy resources and alternative power sources. Renewable energy plays an important role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. When renewable energy sources are used, the demand for fossil fuels is reduced. Unlike fossil fuels, non-biomass renewable sources of energy (hydropower,geothermal, wind, and solar) do not directly emit greenhouse gases and are eco-friendly. We will look at this topic through all of our key subjects which fits in superbly with reading as well as explanation and persuasive writing.


Get active with you whanau! Get out and practice riding your bike on the road with an adult with you. Practice signalling and safe cycling, show off what you have been learning at school. Remember your bike is the key to your freedom until you learn to drive a car!

A big thank you to those who have made a real effort to improve your times table knowledge. Keep at it; we are working on multiplication, division and fractions which anyone will struggle at without a strong times table recall. It has been so rewarding to see your maths confidence and positive outcomes increase so dramatically.


We are continuing to have a test each Monday then practicing our mistakes through the week, then retesting on Friday. We add to our misspelt words from our writing through the week.


Over the next few weeks we are working on procedural texts, producing clear and easy to follow instructions to a variety of tasks. Through the term we will be moving onto explanation and persuasive writing.


We are revising our maths number work, working on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and broadening our different strategies to solving problems.


This term we are are revising using inference (reading between the lines) and other strategies that help our comprehension.

This term in art we are finishing off our mixed media that is focussed on last term's inquiry, human movement and migration. When we are finished we will be looking at improving our sketching skills with pencil and paper (hopefully getting outside for inspiration). 

Passion Friday activity lists for term 4 are up in the classroom. Please do not be alarmed if you have not received your requested activities. Everyone will get a turn, we just need to be patient and wait for the next draw of activities. For this term we are also offering skateboarding, Japanese, crafts, arts, puzzles and brain teasers (just for our VLC).

We have a large focus on fitness and Physical Education this term as we are working on our running, jumping and throwing for Athletics. Please let Mr T know (a note or email will do) if you are unwell or physically unable to take part for some reason. 

We have been making the most of our bikes and the bike track over the last three terms. We have been increasing our balance and coordination. We have been practicing everything from manoeuvring at slow speeds to going over obstacles and ramps. Some of us are even pulling up the front wheel and learning how to 'bunny hop!' We are also focussing on road safety and how to correctly indicate at junctions.

Table tennis and badminton are now offered on Monday and Wednesday lunchtimes in the hall; get into it!

Please remember to bring a water bottle into school to maintain good health and concentration, (but remember to keep water and food away from your device when transporting).

Nice one,

Mr T

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