Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Holiday post

Dear parents of children in B7 2018,
Happy New Year.  I hope you all have had a fun summer, (so far). 
Just touching base with you all to make sure that you are all aware of the events at the beginning of the school year. More communication will come once the term begins. 
Keep making the most of summer. If the children are at a loose end, get them to practice their spelling words from last year and their times tables. With a good grasp of both of these, your child will be set to soar to new levels this year.
I am looking forward to meeting you all,
Paul Toghill

Dates for the diary:
* Getting to know our children and their family/whanau - Monday Feb 5 and Wednesday Feb 7 (see below)

* First whole school day = Thursday Feb 8
** Note - Auckland anniversary day = Monday Jan 29
* Waitangi Day = Tuesday Feb 6

* Term 1 is 10 wks.  Ends Fri 13 Apr (92 half days).
* Holidays in Easter: Good Friday 30 Mar, Easter Mon 2 April and Easter Tues 3 Apr (a school holiday).

On Monday 5 February and Wednesday 7 February 2018, the first 2 days of school, the Board of Trustees have agreed to the organisation of Parent / Teacher / Child meetings throughout the day.
Why?All the research on student achievement at school points to relationships being a critical factor. Teacher - Child, Parent - Child, and Teacher - Parent relationships hold the key to opening the door for positive learning experiences.
What does this mean for us?We would like every teacher to meet with each child and their whanau for 25 minutes before the school year even begins.
What will the meeting be about?It will be a chance right from day one to meet each other, build a relationship, talk about communication and share information that will help the learner and the support people around the learner, have an enjoyable and successful year.
What times will there be?Times can be booked on Monday 5 February and Wednesday 7 February for children, parents and the teacher to come together.
Will there be evening times?Yes, on Monday 5 February we will provide some evening time slots. The last time slot on this day will be 7.00pm.
Will there be another meet the teacher evening as in previous years?No, not a formal time in term 1. We are trying to make this more personal and helpful to all, right from the start. Parents of course can always see the teacher during the term and find a time if the need arises.
When will school start for the whole class?Thursday 8 February.
How do I know which room my child/ren have been placed in?2018 class lists and individual placements will be emailed out to all families on Thursday 14 December and a copy will be held at the office from this date onwards.
How do I book an interview time?From Thursday 14 December (from 3.00pm onwards) parents will be able to log into the school interviews website to book a 25 minute time slot on either Monday 5 February or Wednesday 7 February. There are morning, afternoon and evening slots. Parents who get in early in the week will have a high chance of a suitable time-slot. This meeting is a priority as it will set the learning plan for your child into action straight away. Please prioritise booking a time. Please Note: There is only one interview time available per student.
Go to    Use code: zb4tw
Please note that the childrens’ first full day (from 8.55am - 3pm) in the classroom will be on Thursday 8 February, 2018.

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Holiday post

Dear parents of children in B7 2018, Happy New Year.  I hope you all have had a fun summer, (so far).  Just touching base with you all...